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SolyCapital Through us , international investors will be able to finance or acquire a venture in Brazil based on blockchain

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Afraid of investing in blockchain-based projects?

Solycapital brings you investor support and real investment guarantees, Afraid of investing in blockchain-based projects? now Solycapital brings you investor support and real investment guarantees, Commercial and residential buildings and smart condominiums using AI and with NFTs system, in addition to investing, you receive NFTs from the enterprise and SOLY tokens.

Solyun Digital Bank will guarantee its investment in Brazil with SolyCapital, this is unprecedented in the world, a company guaranteeing all investment with a real and even corporate system

Financial Service

SolyCapital takes the international investor to real investments in Brazil based on Blockchain


We already have a partnership with two of the largest real estate and construction companies in Brazil in the state of Santa Catarina

Best Ventures

with our analysis , we check the properties based on NFTs with the developments and real estate

Intelligent Real Estate

Intelligent properties based on Blockchain, unprecedented in Brazil and worldwide.

We Provide Best

Financial Plan for You

SolyCapital intermediates and assists international investors with real investments in Brazil, in addition to the projects being based on NFTs and the investor receiving SOLY tokens from SolyunBank, receiving the venture with guarantees and it also has a readjustment of 4 to 6% per year in Brazil.

SolyCapital is a joint venture of the Solyun Group Inc Brasil, We guarantee any international investment in Brazil with I.A real estate and Top developments in the market

Our Services

SolyCapital is the solution for your investment in Brazil.

Financial Planning

You can finance your investment with a minimum 40% down payment

Cash Investment

Your investment generates NFTs and receive SOLY tokens from Solyun Bank

The Company

SolyCapital With the best results ever obtained in real estate business in Brazil

Personal Insurance

We will show you the best ventures for your money to yield more


The properties yield up to 8% per year, meaning you never lose money


SolyCapital takes you to another level of investment, without loss or damage

Why You

Choose SolyCapital

Real guarantees with real estate in Brazil, local real estate with a Blockchain-based system and using AI, with works already started and real in the state of Santa Catarina, we are the best and only choice for you to invest your money, as we guarantee your money with a return in up to 8% per year on the property and you receive an exclusive NFT for your investment and SOLY tokens

Best businesses and ventures

SolyCapital guarantees your investment

Dedicated Team

Dedicated team to accompany the investor in Brazil if necessary

Free Documentation

Guaranteed documentation and immediate approval

guaranteed income

SolyCapital guarantees your investment, as real estate in Brazil yields up to 8% per year

Ventures and Launches

Check below some of the launches in Brazil and in the state of Santa Catarina, all with AI, NFTs system based on Blockchain

What you inspire?

We were born to create sustainable atmospheres and aware, ensuring comfort and quality of life in a futuristic environment with an I.A system


- Virtual butler, Interactive and illuminated facade, Smart Building, LEED Sustainable Building

Access to the Building

access control with facial recognition and camera monitoring

Single water system

Collection and Reuse of rainwater and air drip conditioned

electrical systems

smart elevators that generate electricity

solar power generators

Storage and generation power clean through panels photovoltaics


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